Autumn season

26 Nov 2013

Autumn has passed, the autumn wind chill. If not, in the evening breeze breezy night, look at the moon, who is holding my heart trace of melancholy? And who brought me cool sentimental? Lean on a window moonlight, will alone lonely quietly hidden, however, this one for you but not silent heart, but don’t know how to set? Chinese parasol rain, how can carry the lovesick long? Moon, twist broken a long silver. A Sauvignon Blanc, singing drunk to wait for thousands of years, a song of love conquers all, the interpretation of the three river “.

To do a thousand sails, dyeing Acacia ink unabated, in this life, you can be with full nor dependent desolate, only you gently in cheers, the lonely written to read poem xuan. I was under the bodhi tree moved three thousand live, loving tired in the corner, at the end of consumption affective, painted thin years, to miss the dance into chaos chapter. The silence of the night, you look like once again surfaced in my eyes, disturbs my dust and dreams. Listen to the rain in the half open window Xuan, think of you. Then, let the words again and again in full bloom in the silent night. I don’t know why, only for the waiting, only for the elusive missing. Perhaps, I was a miss your past life, this life, you are my dream about, I always puzzled the answers, to torture each other, Acacia ash!

You and separation, to no return. Qing Mo Momo love dance, who complain? If you have not met, I can be happy to continue, grief away? Just you and I really did meet, in a cold and warm season. The sunset here, I sat alone in front of the lamp shed tears, so fragrant surplus sleeve, whisk in the string sound, keep you awake, that because you want to and long for into a disease of the mind, hidden in the bottom of my heart, can only late at night by the song again recall.

If you can don’t love you, that this is good, I am not the suffering of lovesickness, did not watch the tired; if you can don’t love you, that this is good, without you, I am afraid to lose yourself, are you, I am more afraid of the day you leave quietly; if you can didn’t love, that the more well, I won’t be jealous, not envy your side of the bright red blossoms and green willows… If you can don’t love you, I will not now own?

Fall frost Xie Chunhong, sunset on thick. The flowers bloom Dongfeng thin, a cavity tender Fu autumn. Mo Dao’s fate shallow, a few degrees Confidante dream drunk. A twitter, full of desolate tears, a misty rain falls, a piece of red. In this autumn season, I stand in the depths of time, still waiting for you. Keep one’s The End of Life, drunk in the misty rain dense corridor, do the fleeting time, I indulge in self-admiration solo a. Looking back at the past, like a dream. Falling petals fall, a lovesickness. Love, is just a rush of flowers, feeling hekan injury?

Meet with you, like a flower blooming flowers, always, always have the moon full moon. A piece of Acacia, write not full of desolation. Flower and pay water, spring Bai Qiushuang. Night difficult to sleep, dream is far away, the light LAN a broad-minded, the autumn wind bone, heart, slightly thin cool.

But, this time, Su Jian, king and as a life long……

Just think, tonight, Dimei Ningmou, retain the flower a faint fragrance……




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