In your heart.

21 Aug 2013

Obviously don’t love cry, but always tears wet eyes; it is not to want to think of you, but, also incapable of action. So, I’ve learned a person walking, very fast, very quiet, no one disturb, like a fool, but he is always enjoy it. I put my left hand side left a lot of, always want to, I turned around, suddenly saw you and I together, I will pretend as they should be, never again to see youpolo shirts on sale, soon come to the end, I will touch to say, let’s go home…… Please don’t think I’m angry, it is only because, happy, too.

Sometimes, feel oneself got delusions, always see your back started in front of me, but I still go hunting,,, finally I found, originally, you are so beautiful, I will not bother you, keep the good figure, I will treat that figure a little smile, lower the headfinancial, go your own way. Keep a copy of the original better, let oneself cry, feel more be in the right and self-confident.

I don’t know what time to dawn, always know, now blood to crawl, like is what cold as icedvd storage. Breathing more and more slowly, there is a sense of death is spread in the body, I close my eyes, all, in running the soundless and stirless.

Open your eyes, the brain a blank, who also don’t know, but, suddenly, began to see daylight.




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